Flora and Fauna

Vegetation in Kerlingarfjöll is generally similar to that found elsewhere in the central highlands of Iceland. Vegetation shows signs of a short growth period. Continuous vegetation cover is very sparse, but moisture-loving varieties of moss and vascular plants grow in moist cirques and jointed rush is found in warm streams. In the hot spring areas of Hveradalir and Hverabotn, specific geothermal vegetation is found near hot streams and springs that is different from the vegetation in nearby areas. Usually, these are small patches of vegetation that are, however, particularly lush compared to their barren surroundings.

Mossy areas with R. lanuginosum moss are dominant in the area, and sedge fens are prominent in lower areas, particularly Ásgarður. Wetlands are rare in the high-altitude Kerlingarfjöll. In the vicinity of the mountains, however, there are a number of wetland areas, including in Blánípuver and in the vicinity of Kerlingarspræna by Setursleið.