Gardahraun, Gardabaer

Garðahraun and Vífilsstaðahraun (Svínahraun) are parts of the so-called Búrfellshraun. The lava fields originate from the Búrfell volcano and are thought to be approx. 8,000 years old. The areas are accessible and suitable for outdoor activities, education and research for laymen as well as scientists. Within them are noteworthy historical relics, e.g. Berklastígur, the outdoor footpath for patients from the tuberculosis facility in Vífilsstaðir, and the so-called Public Relief Path, which was built with public relief work in the Great Frost Winter of 1918 but was never used.

The aim of the protection is to establish a country park, an urban outdoor activities area, where geological formations, birdlife, and cultural heritage and ancient ruins are protected. The protection guarantees opportunities for outdoor activities, nature viewing and education in a natural environment.