Eldborg in Blafjoll

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Eldborg is one of three scoria craters near Kóngsfell. Eldborg was protected as a natural monument in 1971.

The natural monument covers an area of 34.8 ha.

Endangered area

The area is on the orange list.

Notice No. 121/1974 in the Official Journal B.


Beautiful landscape and unique geological formations characterise the area, which is in a water protection area. A footpath runs from the parking lot up to Eldborg. In the fall of 2012, work was done on making footpaths in the area, stray paths were closed, and moss was used to heal vegetation wounds where stray paths had formed around the crater.


Fragile vegetation and geological formations. The area is close to the road to Bláfjöll, and so access is very good. The area’s infrastructure needs to be improved in order to accommodate those who want to walk around the area, but the moss and the craters are very fragile and cannot withstand a lot of trampling. There is no protection plan available for the area.


  • Increased number of tourists in the area.
  • The infrastructure is still in the early stages and cannot accommodate a huge number of tourists.
  • Moss in the area is badly damaged in many places, both from human influence and weather.
  • There is a risk of the crater being trampled if measures are not taken.


  • A protection plan should be made.
  • An inspection and assessment of the area’s condition, including footpaths, must be conducted. Footpaths that can withstand the intrusion of tourists should be built.
  • The work on footpaths and moss transplants must continue.
  • An information and educational sign was put up in fall of 2013.
  • Collaboration with secondary schools in the Greater Reykjavík Area should be continued regarding volunteer work in protected areas.
  • A management agreement with Reykjavík is planned.