Photography, cinematography and drone flying

Note: Þingvellir national park and Vatnajökull national park issue their own permits. The Environment Agency of Iceland does not process applications regarding those two national parks. 

The Environmental Agency of Iceland charges a fee for processing applications for permits in protected areas on the basis of Article no. 92 of Act no. 61/2013 on Nature conservation. The fee is according to the agency‘s tariff no. 1410/2023.

  • 41.600 ISK for processing applications for recreational use of drones within up two protected areas.
  • 83.200 ISK for processing application for recreational use of drones for three or more protected areascinematography and photography within protected areas.

The processing fee is the same for recreational and professional drones, regardless of the size and weight of the drone.

The processing time is 15 days but for the Mývatn area the processing time is 30 days.

Here is a map of the protected areas in Iceland. 


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