The Environment Agency of Iceland

The Environment Agency operates under the direction of the Ministry for the Environment. It's role is to promote the protection as well as sustainable use of Iceland’s natural resources, as well as public welfare by helping to ensure a healthy environment, and safe consumer goods.


The Environment Agency – its values and policy

The Environment Agency has the interest of future generations and nature as its guiding light in setting policy and the tasks of the Agency.

  • The Environment Agency looks to the future, emphasises cooperation and the counting of results as its primary values.
  • The Environment Agency is a leading agent in environmental issues and nature conservation in the community. The role of the Agency is to closely monitor the development of environmental issues and safeguard the welfare of the public. 
  • Transparency is a key element in the operations and policy of the Environment Agency.
  • The Environment Agency sets its goals, accounts for results and publishes conclusions. 
  • The policy of the Environment Agency for the years 2018-2022 is founded upon the position of the Agency and provides oversight over the welfare of residents all over the country. 
  • Working in groups is the main work method of the Agency and works well for formulating the future policy of the Environment Agency in each instance. 
  • The Environment Agency uses the talents and strengths of each staff member and seeks the best solution in cooperation with the public and parties of interest. 

Pollution hazard
A pollution hazard at sea must be reported to the Icelandic Coast Guard, tel. 511-3333.
A pollution hazard on land must be reported to the police, tel. 112.

For hunters
All hunters of birds and mammals in the country must hold a valid hunt card. For acquiring a hunt card for the first time, hunters must undergo an examination. Foreign hunters must both have a gun licence and a hunt card and not less than two Icelandic sponsors if they intend to hunt in this country.

Further Information

What is The Environment Agency of Iceland in...

  • Icelandic: Umhverfisstofnun
  • German: Isländische Umweltagentur
  • French: Agence islandaise pour l'environnement
  • Spanish: Agencia Islandesa de Medio Ambiente
  • Swedish: Isländska miljöbyrån
  • Italian: Agenzia Islandese per l'Ambiente

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